Care for Veterans Program
<p><strong>INFORMATION FOR VETERANS</strong><br /> Find out if you qualify and view instructions for accessing the Care for Veterans Program</p> From Ascension, Veteran's Choice Program information for veterans

Find out if you qualify and view instructions for accessing the Care for Veterans Program

How to Access the Program

Veterans must obtain an authorization prior to their appointment. If a veteran is cared for without having an authorization, this could result in the veteran paying costly out-of-pocket expenses.

Qualifying veterans must work with Health Net Federal Services or TriWest Healthcare Alliance to coordinate all appointments with a provider’s office or facility. To get started, follow these instructions for accessing the Care for Veterans Program:

    1. Select your local Ascension site of care.
    2. Make sure you have information on hand about any other health insurance coverage you may have.
    3. To make an appointment, call the number on the back of your Care for Veterans Card 1-866-606-8198 to verify eligibility and obtain authorization. The VA will work with you to ensure you are approved for care and schedule you to see your local Ascension provider.

When you call, the VA will:

  • Ask for your ZIP code.
  • Ask for your address.
  • Check to make sure you are eligible for this program.
  • Check which of your needs are covered by the VA.
  • Ask for your preferred community provider. Remember to request your local Ascension doctor.

For more information about what you need to know before your appointment, visit the Health Net and TriWest websites.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Veterans have no copayments or cost-shares in this program. A veteran will not be billed directly for any services or supplies furnished under this contract. The only exception to this is if the veteran has Other Health Insurance (OHI). In the case of Other Health Insurance for a non-service connected claim, it is appropriate to collect a copayment from the veteran for the OHI, if applicable. If you are receiving service connected care, you will not be responsible for your deductible as VA is primarily responsible for service-connected care received through the Care for Veterans Program.

VA established the Community Care Call Center to resolve instances of improper veteran billing. Veterans experiencing problems can call the center at 1-877-881-7618 for assistance.

To find out more on how you can access the Care for Veterans Program, visit

Program Background

Approximately 9 million veterans enrolled with the VA received a Care for Veterans Card under the newly enacted Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act. However, any veteran is covered if he or she meets the eligibility requirements. If a veteran faces wait times in excess of 30 days, must travel farther than 40 miles from their home to a VA facility with a full-time primary care physician*, or have a lack of available specialists, the veteran could receive care at a healthcare facility outside of the VA.

Ascension sites of care can provide primary care, inpatient care, outpatient specialty care and mental health services to veterans who receive preauthorization. Long-term care and emergency care is not currently covered under the Care for Veterans Program. The VA has other options for veterans requiring emergency care.

Our Sites of Care

Ascension caregivers are called to provide compassionate, personalized care for veterans who are struggling most.

* All markets above are participating providers of the Veterans Choice Program.

* This calculation is based on the distance from your permanent residence (or an active temporary address) to the closest VA facility – including Community-Based Outpatient Clinics and VA Medical Centers. You are eligible if you live more than 40 miles driving distance from the closest VA medical facility that has a full-time primary care physician.