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Ascension Risk Services manages commercial and self-insured risk management functions.

What we do

We use self-insurance trusts and captives to achieve a risk-financing model that’s more cost effective than commercial insurance. We have achieved significant cost savings in professional general liability (PGL) and workers’ compensation programs by collaborating with Ascension Care Excellence and risk management, occupational health and safety colleagues to promote patient and associate safety.

We are also developing new insurance and reinsurance products to support risk-taking by Ascension’s managed care organizations and health plans, and contribute to the value proposition for Ascension’s aligned physicians.

Ascension Risk Services
11775 Borman Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

Paul Posey
Paul J. Posey, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer, Ascension Care Management

Paul Posey Jr. leads Ascension Care Management, overseeing the efforts of MissionPoint Health Partners as well as U.S. Health Holdings.