Ascension Leader Institute

Ascension Leader Institute accelerates the development of promising leaders across Ascension through education and training.

What we do

Developing the leader in each of us - mind, body and spirit

At Ascension, we believe there is a leader in each of us. The Leader Institute was designed to create a single space for all associates to grow in the personal and professional areas they choose. All associates can take advantage of resources, learning, development and formation activities to grow in mind, body and spirit. The Ascension Leader Institute serves as the center for integrating programs and resources that combine individual formative experiences with practical and experiential learning that benefit both personal and professional development.

Ascension Leader Institute
4600 Edmundson Road
St. Louis, MO 63134

Carol Whittington, Senior VP, Ascension Leader Institute; Executive Director for the Ascension Leadership Academy.
Carol Whittington
Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Development Officer, Ascension; Executive Director, Ascension Leader Institute

Carol Whittington serves as the Senior Vice President  and Chief Talent Development Officer, Ascension and as Executive Director for the Ascension Leader Institute. She also provides executive leadership for Organizational Development & Learning within Human Resources for Ascension.