Ascension is committed to creating a spiritually centered workplace where all associates derive a deep sense of personal meaning from their work and are inspired to contribute their unique talents to achieving our Mission. By fostering spirituality in the workplace, we create a model community of mutual care and service. This benefits not just our associates, but everyone we serve.

For us, workplace spirituality is:

  • Diverse: At Ascension, we share universal experiences, but each is unique and personal to us as individuals. This diversity of experience strengthens our work toward our Mission.
  • Inclusive: We benefit from the personal gifts all associates bring from their various religious beliefs, spiritual traditions and backgrounds.
  • Relational: We discover our wholeness in community. The community calls us to serve.  We answer this call by listening with openness to our own experiences and those of others.
  • Life-giving and soul-satisfying: We see our work as life-giving. It allows us to use our unique abilities to serve others, giving us purpose, personal meaning and satisfaction.
  • Rooted in reality and truth: Spirituality does not imply “out of the ordinary,” but rather it leads us to be whole in the ordinary. Ordinary experiences and events are where we encounter the Sacred.
  • Discoverable in awareness: Our spirit is where we are right now – where action and contemplation meet in the present moment.
  • Effective in service: As we find meaning, satisfaction and a sense of calling in our work, we give more fully of ourselves and are led toward excellence – faithful, passionate and generous service.