At the conclusion of National Nurses Week last week, Michelle Robertson, Chief Nursing Officer at Ascension Saint Thomas in Tennessee, had a guest column in The Tennessean and several other publications to talk about Ascension’s efforts to transform the way nurses deliver care by bringing joy back to the profession.

“At Ascension Saint Thomas, our vision is to foster both career development and holistic growth,” she says in her column. “We support nurses as members of our healing community, but also as individuals with perspectives and experiences that matter to leaders across our organization.”

She also talks the history of the Saint Thomas Nursing Transformation Unit.

“With the feedback from … town hall meetings, Ascension Saint Thomas leadership developed a pilot program called the Nursing Transformation Unit,” she says. “The interview model for the pilot program prioritized behavioral-based questions aimed to thoughtfully select the first cohort—15 nurses and seven nursing technicians positioned from 17 of our medical surgical units from all of Saint Thomas Health to make up our Transformation Team at Saint Thomas West.

“The program launched in October 2018 after all cohort members completed comprehensive orientation sessions designed to equip them with organizational tools and an understanding of process design. New team members were encouraged to seek out inefficient processes, ask questions, and look for creative solutions. On a rotating basis, each team member was responsible for overseeing the application of different interventions of focus – flattening the leadership hierarchy.”

Click here to read her column at The Tennessean