September 21, 2021

By Gerry Lewis
Chief Information Officer, Ascension

Ascension Technologies has been reimagining how technology can best serve the needs of our communities. While this transformational journey has been years in the making, our experience during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the importance of a seamless, safe and effective consumer experience, enabled by leading-edge technology. Ascension’s caregivers also need to be relieved of the burdens of overly complex and disconnected technology systems in order to better care for those same patients. The transformation of Ascension Technologies will better enable us to meet and exceed both our consumer and clinician expectations.

We have now completed the last major step in our service delivery transition, which will better position our technology services to deliver greater flexibility, reliability and scalability across our system. We are introducing technology automation to offer higher-quality capabilities that will give our caregivers more flexibility and reliability. We have brought in technology collaborators with innovative solutions to help us create a world-class consumer and clinician experience.

The scope of our transformation has required structural changes in how we get our work done. Through this process, some of our associates have transitioned to our providers while others have left our organization. We have, as always, committed to working with and supporting our associates with placement in new opportunities, retraining and other services.

Through this technology transition, Ascension continues to deliver personalized and compassionate care for communities and individuals, particularly those who are poor and vulnerable. We are striving to build a strong, vibrant health ministry and we believe the transformation of our technology infrastructure, systems and services will better enable us to serve our patients with the high-quality healthcare they deserve.