Joe Impicciche meeting with President Trump at the White House

Ascension President and CEO Joseph R. Impicciche, JD, MHA, has been invited to participate in President Trump’s Great American Economic Revival Industry Group focused on healthcare. He is one of just six representatives from health systems. Other members represent health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and makers and distributors of medical equipment and supplies.

The group will discuss the challenges facing caregivers and the economic headwinds facing U.S. hospitals, health systems and other parts of the healthcare industry.

“I am honored to represent the tremendous clinicians and other associates across Ascension who have been leading the way in our pandemic response in our communities, and I’m grateful for their commitment to serve during this difficult time,” Joe said.

“When several other healthcare leaders and I met with President Trump on Tuesday, he affirmed to us that he understands and appreciates all we are doing, especially the work of doctors, nurses and other clinicians, in fighting COVID-19,” Joe said. “He told us he is committed to maintaining the strength of the U.S. healthcare system, which he noted is the greatest in the world, and he and his team will be supporting us as we weather the economic challenges of this fight and transition to our new post-COVID reality.”

While at the White House, Joe and several other health system leaders also discussed the newly announced Dynamic Ventilator Reserve Plan, which facilitates the sharing of ventilators between health systems around the country to manage need during surge times. Click here for video of the start of that White House meeting.