Joseph R. Impicciche, JD, MHA, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ascension, recently was invited to address the National Catholic Bioethics Center’s Twenty-Seventh Workshop, attended by Catholic bishops from across the country and the world. His presentation revolved around the challenges and opportunities that many Catholic and non-Catholic healthcare organizations face, and some of the approaches that Ascension is taking to address them.

“From our position as a national leader in Catholic healthcare, Ascension has broad insight into several of the challenges and opportunities Catholic healthcare is facing,” Joe said. “Just as our courageous sponsors forged a path in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, we, too, are called to forge a path for the future of Catholic healthcare that is both sustainable and relevant.”

Joe highlighted some of the great work taking place across Ascension to improve maternal health, design a consumer-friendly healthcare journey, align our electronic health record platforms, and bring together our clinical enterprise in a more intentional way.

“We have seen many changes in the healthcare industry, but our commitment to our Mission and Catholic heritage remain unchanged,” Joe said. “We realize that, as a Catholic health system, we are often the face of the Church to the patients and communities we serve.”

Since 1980, the NCBC, in collaboration with the Knights of Columbus, has organized this workshop to provide bishops with ongoing formation in bioethical issues that affect their ministry. Workshops are attended by bishops from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the Philippines.