Joseph Impicciche, JD, MHA, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Ascension

Ascension applauds federal efforts to support, and tools that facilitate, real-time clinical workflow integration in support of patients and providers, President and CEO Joseph R. Impicciche, JD, MHA, says in an op-ed at Morning Consult.

“Healthcare providers are focused on … improving health and healthcare for patients and consumers,” Joe writes. “This requires coordination across an expanding number of constituencies who must have access to greater clinical insight, leveraged to accelerate the delivery of novel care models and therapies. Essential to these requirements is access to robust clinical datasets and tools that facilitate real-time clinical workflow integration so that comprehensive care coordination is available to and benefits all those we serve, while maintaining patient data privacy and security.”

Joe says the Department of Health and Human Services’ continuous efforts and leadership through the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are advancing nationwide interoperability of electronic health records. Proposed new policies “have the potential to take an important next step in granting consumers seamless and secure access to data and increase the vehicles for the exchange of electronic health information across providers and systems,” he says. “They should be used as the starting point for further discussions and potentially thoughtful modification, led by the spectrum of stakeholders involved in the delivery and receipt of care.”

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